About Sweet Meadows

Fifty-Five years ago, Charles and Mary Kimpel moved from their rented farm in Glenford, Ohio to follow their dreams and own their own farm. They purchased 88 acres of beautiful, rolling pastures just outside Roseville, Ohio. With their three sons, they raised cattle, sheep, hogs, and chickens.

Their son Tim attended The Ohio State University where he earned a degree in Animal Science. He and his wife Martha purchased nearly 100 acres next to his parents farm. With an interest in energy conservation and alternative forms of agriculture, they built a passive solar home on the family farm and later started a grass based dairy farm operation.  Their youngest daughter Katie took an interest in the farm and managed the dairy operation until she completed college.

 Tim practices a philosophy counter to conventional agriculture and is currently raising all of his crops and livestock without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and antibiotics of any kind. He strongly believes this method to be better for the soil, the animals, and the consumer.  In 2009 Tim's farm was the first to become certified organic in Muskingum County.

Katie and her husband Shawn started a small company to market the naturally-raised meat and eggs from Tim's farm, and began selling at the Zanesville Farmers Market. The support from the wonderful people they met at the farmer's market has allowed Sweet Meadows to grow into a full service natural/organic grocery in Zanesville and a source of pride for the whole family.

One of the goals of Tim and his family was to grow their business to help others in the community who shared their vision.  Sweet Meadows is now proud to say that they have supported over 25 local farms in their community.