Welcome to Sweet Meadows!
a little story about us


Katie’s dad Tim began converting his farm to a holistic, pasture-based system in the late 90’s. In 2002 Katie and I traveled with him to Swope, Virginia to attend a two day workshop on the farm of Joel Salatin. That moment was a turning point for the farm and our lives. Katie and I were soon married, and Tim asked if we would start a marketing company to promote his grass-fed beef and pastured pork and poultry. Katie quit her full time job and Sweet Meadows was born. We started with two coolers, a cash box and a small stand at the Zanesville Farmers Market in 2003.

We met so many amazing customers in that first year that we decided to quickly open a retail location in downtown Zanesville the next year. In 2005 we moved to our Maple Avenue location where we raised two of our three kids while serving the community healthy, local, delicious foods for 12 years. In February of 2017 Sweet Meadows closed our retail store front to transition into our current home delivery service now headquartered from our organic family farm.