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Baby Back Ribs


Baby back Ribs – $4.55/lb.



Bacon – MSG, Nitrate and Nitrite Free –one lb. pkg. “like delicious meat candy” – $8.50/lb.

Beef Bones


Beef Bones – marrow and knuckle bones, perfect for stocks or pet treats – 3$/lb.

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Beef Liver


Beef Liver – Extremely beneficial and flavorful organ meat, 1 lb. pkg. -$4/lb.

Boneless Ribs – Thick Cut


Boneless Ribs, thick cut, – $5.00/lb.

Boston Butt


Boston Butts –Not from Boston, Not from the butt, actually comes from the shoulder…true story, amazing pulled pork, approx.. 3lb roasts, (can be cut bigger upon request) –  $4.55/lb.

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Brats with no nitrates or MSG! Choose from 5 amazing flavors! $5.00 lb

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Breakfast Link Sausage – Salt and Pepper


Breakfast link sausage – Salt and Pepper – Same as bulk S&P but in “little pig” form – $5.50/lb.

Chicken Breast


Breast – skin on, 2 per pack, 1-1/2 lb. pkgs. – $9.99/lb. 

Chicken Drums


Drums – 6 lil’ legs per pack – $3.50/ lb. 

Chicken Liver


Liver aprox. 1lb. pkg. – $3.00/lb

Chicken Necks/Backs


Necks/Backs – Great for making chicken stock! Approx 4-5 lb. pkg. – $1.00/lb