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Certified Organic Apples


Certified Organic Apples from our farm!

$6 for .25 peck (approx. 6 “pretty” apples).  Ask about larger orders or “ugly” apples for

Initial Apple

Malus domestica ‘Initial’

Initial is a new disease resistant, earlier season apple that is scab resistant.  It is a large apple with lots of red blush over yellow background.  The fruit is crisp and mildly acid.  It matures about a week before Gala.

Initial came from a breeding program in France.  It is a Gala X Redfree cross.



Local pasture raised Non-GMO fed eggs – $4 dozen (from our farm!)

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Ground Turkey


Local pasture-raised Non-GMO ground turkey – $8.59 lb.
(from Cherokee Valley Bison Ranch)

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Local Raw Honey


Local Raw Honey – 1 lb. jar $10.00
(from our friends at Red Dog Ranch, West Mansfield, OH)

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Organic Garlic

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Organic Onions

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Organic Potatoes


Po-tay-toes.  Boil ’em, mash ’em, stick ’em in a stew!

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Pure Ohio Maple Syrup


Pure Ohio Maple Syrup (from the Gingerich family, Mt. Gilead, OH)