Sunshine Acres

Sunshine Acres is the name of our actual farm. Sweet Meadows is our business. Confused? A lot of people are. Tim started Kimpel Family Farms with his dad and brothers over 40 years ago. He began converting the farm to an all pasture-based system and transitioning to organic in the late 90’s. In 2009 Kimpel Farms became the first certified organic farm in the history of Muskingum County. After Tim passed in 2012 Katie and I had a lot of decisions to make about the future of the farm. (Read our first blog for the whole story as to how we came up with our name.) We decided to commit our full efforts to raising livestock and converting portions of our farm to a more holistic, perennial based plant system. We strive to keep Tim’s vision of raising happy, healthy animals, and also to continue to evolve, as we constantly learn what is best for our land, our customers and our community.