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Fresh Raw Baby Back Pork Ribs Closeup

Baby Back Ribs


Baby back Ribs – $4.55/lb.

raw bacon with spices on wooden table



Bacon – MSG, Nitrate and Nitrite Free –one lb. pkg. “like delicious meat candy” – $8.50/lb.

Country Ribs and Barbecue Sauce

Boneless Ribs – Thick Cut


Boneless Ribs, thick cut, – $5.00/lb.

Two fresh raw boneless pork shoulder butt slices

Boston Butt


Boston Butts –Not from Boston, Not from the butt, actually comes from the shoulder…true story, amazing pulled pork, approx.. 3lb roasts, (can be cut bigger upon request) –  $4.55/lb.

Raw sausage
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Brats with no nitrates or MSG! Choose from 5 amazing flavors! $5.00 lb

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Sausage Links

Breakfast Link Sausage – Salt and Pepper


Breakfast link sausage – Salt and Pepper – Same as bulk S&P but in “little pig” form – $5.50/lb.

Fried Breakfast Sausage Links

Country Style Breakfast Links


Breakfast link sausage – Country Style – same as bulk country style in little pig form – $5.50/lb.

Raw pork ham on cutting board

Fresh Ham


Fresh ham – rump roast, ham before it becomes ham approx.. 3lb. – $5.00/lb.

Raw minced meat with pepper, garlic, olive oil and salt

Ground Pork


Ground  Pork – fresh ground, zero seasonings, 100% flavor, approx.. 1 lb. – $4.55/ lb.

Raw pork steaks

Pork Chops


Pork Chops – center cut, boneless and over 1” thick., 2 per pack $6.00/ lb.