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Fresh chicken liver, peppers in a pepperbox, green onions on a w

Chicken Liver


Liver aprox. 1lb. pkg. – $3.00/lb

Fresh chicken neck to be minced as dog food

Chicken Necks/Backs


Necks/Backs – Great for making chicken stock! Approx 4-5 lb. pkg. – $1.00/lb 

Raw sausage

Chicken Sausage Brat


Chicken Sausage- brat – amazing flavor, No MSG, No nitrates/nitrites- $8.59 

Grilled chicken sausage.

Chicken Sausage Bulk


Chicken Sausage- bulk – amazing flavor, No MSG, No nitrates/nitrites – $8.59/lb. 


Ingredients and raw chicken leg on cutting board on wooden backg

Chicken Thighs


Thighs – best dark meat on the bird, 4 to 6 per pkg.- $4.75/lb. 

Outof stockFresh raw chicken wings in a steel bowl

Chicken Wings


Wings – 12-18 per pkg. – $3.25/lb. 

Outof stockBeef Chuck Roast

Chuck Roast

Chuck Roast- delicious, juicy, front shoulder roast, 1½-2 lbs. – $7.25/lb.
Fried Breakfast Sausage Links

Country Style Breakfast Links


Breakfast link sausage – Country Style – same as bulk country style in little pig form – $5.50/lb.

Fresh Beef Cube Steak Cooking on a Hot Grill

Cubed Steak


Cubed Steak – Grandpa’s favorite for baked steak and gravy! 4 per package – $8.25/lb.

Outof stockColorful chicken eggs



Local pasture raised Non-GMO fed eggs – $4 dozen (from our farm!)